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So You Want To Write A Book…


So You Want to Write a Book is a resource and reference source for the new or experienced author. We’ve collected all sorts of information, from publishing choices to writer’s tools to marketing options and outsourcing.

An e-book is the digital form of the published book. E-books come in several formats, from the familiar PDF, to special formats for e-readers like the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes and Noble Nook, to other formats like EPUB and Lulu EPUB, not to forget Audiobooks.

In some ways, eBooks have an advantage over printed paperback or hard cover books, both in storage and the reading experience. eBooks and AudioBooks are more portable, easier to access and more convenient.

With the invention of smart phones and tablets, it’s much easier to take an ebook or audiobook on a cross-country flight, or a ride on the train, a bus or even a taxi, for example. That fact has created a surge in popularity for the digital format, as well as a new interest, oddly enough, in their printed cousins, the paperback and hard cover.


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